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How we charge: Mortgages

We are mortgage brokers; intermediaries who can help you secure a mortgage.

We charge a flat fee for arranging your mortgage.

The benefits of using a mortgage broker:


Working with us, you will have access to mortgage deals that mean you are able to make savings over time that more than cover the cost of our fee.


It’s important to understand that even though you may bank with a particular lender, it is not guaranteed – in fact, it is unlikely – you will get any preferential treatment when applying for a mortgage.


As highly experienced brokers, with access to hundreds of mortgage lenders and thousands of mortgage deals, we are much more likely to be able to find you the best available mortgage deals.


We have access to exclusive deals that are not available directly to the general public. We can also recommend lenders you may not have heard of but who, for example, are more likely to approve your application, therefore removing the risk that you will have an application rejected causing damage to your credit rating.


There’s a big difference between finding the “cheapest” mortgage and finding the “right” mortgage. There will be many factors that determine which deal is the most appropriate one for you and gives you the greatest advantages. We will steer you towards the best possible mortgage for your finances, your circumstances, needs, and long-term goals.


We do this every day. That means we have a wealth of experience, connections and understanding that is very hard to replicate in a short space of time and when you only do this a few times during your lifetime. Working with us, you will have every bit of the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over 25 years on your side. You’ll also have the cutting-edge technology we use at your disposal.


Less stress! When you work with us, we will communicate with all lenders and any other professionals you are working with, on your behalf, take care of all the paperwork and ensure the whole process runs efficiently
and professionally, and is completed without any unnecessary delay.

We’ll find the best deal for you that’s right for you. For more information on how we help clients secure the property they want, contact us.

Our fees for financial planning

For information on what we charge for our financial planning services, visit: Financial planning fees