Joanna Grankin

“Working with Josh means I feel hugely more secure about my financial future.

Maureen Byrne

“Josh keeps everything simple; he doesn't use financial jargon.

Charles & Joanne Bloom

“We feel very safe and secure about our financial future knowing Josh is guiding us

Paul & Sandra Burns

“The Orchard Practice have given us the confidence that we can enjoy our retirement when the time comes

Sally Wilds

“Josh has made me feel much more positive about my future

Daniel Minsky

“My family's financial future is in safe hands with The Orchard Practice

Charles & Joanne Bloom

We feel very safe and secure about our financial future knowing Josh is guiding us

My name is Charles Bloom, this is Joanne Bloom, my wife. We’ve been working with The Orchard Practice now for close on 10 years. We’ve been dealing with Josh Gerstler for all that time.

Over the last 10 years, Josh at The Orchard Practice has helped me with any information that I needed with regards to my pensions and some financial advice as well.

I feel very safe and secure knowing that he’s there to help guide and steer me. Especially with the position I’m in now, where I’m looking at exiting companies, getting some funds in, I know that I can trust him to advise where to place the money and to get the best return.

I’ve been very happy with Josh’s advice. He’s made me feel very comfortable, giving me all the advice that I need with regard to my pension and any financial issues I may have had. It’s just good to know that he’s there to speak to at any given occasion. I know I can always pick the phone up to him and
speak to him about anything.

The best thing working with Josh is that he understands exactly what I need and what I’m looking for. He’s very personable – he’s a lovely family man. That works so well for us in making decisions and being comfortable with the kind of decisions that he makes. I never question him. If he wants to steer me towards a slightly more mid to high risk way to invest, I’ll always look at it. Nine times out of ten, it’s been the best choice.

The Orchard Practice have helped me over the last few years to get mortgages, especially where there’s been some complications with the banks and the sticky situations that you have with the banks and the hoops you have to go through. Josh has made it very easy, simplified the whole process for us, and has allowed us to now get to a point where we have a nice property portfolio. We will be adding more and more to that over the coming years.

I found Josh to be a very personable person, very easy to speak to. He’s a family man. And I like that about him, I’ve just found him very approachable in every which way.

I would highly recommend The Orchard Practice, and I have done several times to many friends, business colleagues, especially for mortgages, financial advice, and I would highly recommend The Orchard Practice. They’ve been fantastic for us.