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“Working with Josh means I feel hugely more secure about my financial future.

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“Josh keeps everything simple; he doesn't use financial jargon.

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“We feel very safe and secure about our financial future knowing Josh is guiding us

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“The Orchard Practice have given us the confidence that we can enjoy our retirement when the time comes

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In your 80s & beyond

You intend to carry on enjoying your life but as your lifestyle and your health needs change, you may want to gain the reassurance of knowing your finances can meet your changing requirements.

Whether you’re worried about the cost of old age care, the sustainability of your current lifestyle, or you want to know that your wealth will go to the people you love in the way and at the time of your choosing, we will help replace uncertainty with certainty and give you peace of mind.

With our support, you can maintain a comfortable standard of living, organise your finances and retain in control of your financial future.

Benefits of financial planning in your 80s and beyond

As with financial planning at any time of life, our work is led by your individual priorities, needs and concerns. But financial planning at this stage of life can help you;

Feel organised in your financial affairs

Plan your estate tax efficiently

Understand how you can reduce your Inheritance Tax liabilities

Plan for any possible later life care needs

Decide whether to gift in your lifetime or transfer funds in a will

Decide where you want to live and whether to downsize

Clients ask us..

What do I need to know about funding later life care?

While it may not be something you want to dwell on too much right now, planning early for potential later life needs has big advantages. It allows you to explore all the options and plan for the one that is best suited for you. Then, you can enjoy the present knowing your future financial needs are planned for.

Should I gift money now or leave funds in a will?

It’s not an easy decision, especially when you want to see your loved ones enjoy your gifts. We will walk you through your options, to ensure you are not compromising your own standards of living and that you understand the ins and outs of tax when it comes to gifting.

Should I be right-sizing my property?

A very personal question, it’s also a very common one. We help you clarify your reasons for doing so, and whether this decision is one based solely on numbers. It’s an emotive decision and we guide you to making the decision that’s right for you.

How we work

Our approach is all about getting to know you, what’s important to you and building the strategies that make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your financial aims and your lifestyle goals.

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